Antiques are the reflexion of our past



Back in 1994, Miquel Coins Torres and his partner bought a house from the 18th century in Monistrol de Montserrat. Everybody told them they were crazy to do this. But for them, it was more than an "old house" it was the vehicle of hundreds of years of history. Taking something from the past, repairing it and give it a second life was meaningful for them.

Once they started emptying the house, they found several artifacts and antiquity. One of those antiquities was a Baby High Chair (In Catalan Trona) from the 18th century.

His partner looked at Miquel and said

"How about we try to sell it?".

And it was the beginning of the "La trona-Antique Shop".

La Trona Antique Shop is a leader in buying and selling Spanish antiquities all around the world. If you wonder where to buy antiquities in Barcelona, La Trona is the place to go. 

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