Antiques are the reflexion of our past



Back in 1994, Miquel and his wife, Montse bought a house from the 18th century in Monistrol de Montserrat. Everybody told them they were crazy to do this. But for them, it was more than an "old house" it was the vehicle of hundreds of years of history. Taking something from the past, repairing it and give it a second life was meaningful for them.

Once they started emptying the house, they found several artifacts and antiquity. One of those antiquities was a Baby High Chair (In Catalan Trona) from the 18th century.

Montse looked at her husband Miquel and said


"How about we try to sell it?".


And it was the beginning of the antique shop "LA TRONA".


More than objects


Miquel repaired the highchair, gather several objects found in the old house and sold them. It was the beginning of his long and successful career as an antique trader.


"We are the cumulation of our past" this is what Miquel has as a Mantra.  It's by acknowledging the depths of our past that we can move toward the future...


Miquel looks beyond the simple plane intellectual aspect of antique shopping. He finds pieces that have a special vibe. He will never accept a trade unless the piece generates an emotion to him and his future clients.


"Antique trading is not a job, it's an Art" he says. 


Offering a second life to antiques is a way to respect our past and secure a more sustainable society. Miquel wants to open the world of antiques not only to sophisticated clients but to a broader audience too. This is why La Trona is one of the most accessible high-end Antique shops you will find online.


The Warehouse

In order to achieve his goal, Miquel had to build a business that could generate enough volume to allow to keep his price accessible. It took him 20 years of gathering pieces from all around the world. You will find his treasures at the feet of the mountain Montserrat, by the side of the Llobregat river. He was born and raised in this town famous for the Monastery of Montserrat. It's a top 10 tourist destination when visiting Barcelona. Every year, about 1 million tourists walk by the street of this small town.


La trona is a  3000 M2 well organized and maintained warehouse. All the pieces that Miquel brings back will go through the care of our dedicated staff. La Trona has also two woodshops specialized in the restoration of antiquities. The repairing process of any piece will respect the techniques and material from the past. Only highly qualifying woodworkers, painters, sculptors, welders will collaborate with Miquel as he's keeping an eye on the quality at any step of the process.

Do not hesitate to contact if you would like to visit our showroom.


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